Historical South Australian Births

1836 to 1856

Early registered & unregistered South Australian birth records including those prior to civil registration (mid-1842)

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The place is usually the residence, which may not be the birth place. If the place is not recorded, the registration district may be abbreviated within brackets to give an indication of location.

Most of the birth records prior to civil registration are from church baptism registers. If there is no birth date, the baptism date is used and indicated by (bap), but it may be long after the birth. Where there is a baptism date, the place is where baptised or the residence, which may not be the birth place. The mother's maiden name and any former married names are usually added.

If the birth you require is not in this database, check for other SA birth resources.


The major sources of these records were the (Holy) Trinity and other church baptism registers and the South Australian Births Registrations 1842 to 1906, SAGHS, 1997. Grateful thanks to the contributor of new and revised birth data from some other sources.

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