South Australian Pioneer Families

Historical arrivals, births, marriages & deaths

1836 to 1856

Early settler arrivals, births, marriages, deaths and burials in Adelaide and South Australia

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Family Group Sheet-like search results

The families with the surname you have entered will be listed together under each principal male's arrival information (including any wife and children accompanying him). If unmarried, this may be followed by his marriage. Then, any children born in South Australia will be shown in birthdate order. Finally, his death will be given if it occurred within the period covered by the database.

This grouping of results should enable you to better visualize the family you're researching and therefore make it easier to construct this branch of your family tree.

Out-of-order entries

However, you will need to check for any deaths of his wife and children that will be listed alphabetically under their own names.

In the case of arrivals of single men or women with identical full names, there is no way to determine which families they belong to except by taking into account their arrival dates. Sometimes this is not sufficient information.

There is also the potential for another problem although I've not yet found a single instance. If there was a case where two husbands had identical full names and their wives also had the same names then their search results would be intermixed, possibly causing some confusion.

Spelling errors

A few families have not yet been processed to eliminate spelling errors and inconsistencies in the original source documents. Because the listing order may be disrupted, you should scan the search results above and below your family to find any related out-of-order entries. Please advise Barry ( of any errors, giving the sources of your information so that he can verify your claims and update the data.


Although your first search may be slow without a fast broadband internet connection, subsequent searches during the same session are much quicker.

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