South Australian Family Tree Directory

Genealogy websites of SA families

  1. Allchurch Families
    Angell Descendants
    Applebee / Appleby Family
    Arnold Family History
    Australian Auld Family
    Ancestors of James Austin
  2. Maryanne Bach Family, including surnames Conley, Reed, Rumball and Sellstrom
    Barreau family tree, including surname Hamilton
    Richard and Susan Barrows Genealogy, including surnames Ireland, McRostie and Schofield
    Barwick & Eastick Family History Tree
    Australian Descendants of Stephen Begent
    Robert Blair, including surnames Branch, Jewaskiewitz, Lanyon and Phillips
    The Blunden Family, including surnames Crase and Nance
    Boots Genealogy
    John Boundy descendants
    Boykett family in Australia
    Brady Family Tree, including surnames Free, Shackleton and Watters
    Branson Family History
    Brooker Family
    Joyce and Neville Bryant Family History, including Davies, Everitt and Symons
    Jennifer Burrell Genealogy, including surnames Braginton, Causon, Hutchins, Scown and Treweek
  3. The Adelaide Catchloves
    Chartres Family
    Collins Family
    Descendants of William Cook, including surnames Parker and Robertson
    Mostly Coombe, including surnames Coombes, Coombs, Coumbe, Hamence, Lean and Morrish
    Coombs Family, including surnames Farquhar, George and Welch
    Creer Family, including surnames Bryce, Gibbs, Johnstone, Lampard, Mather and O'Loughlin
    Catherine Ann Crout-Habel's Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family
    Curness Family Tree
  4. Dalwood Genealogy & Family History
    Davies and Symons Families
    Davies Family Trees
    My Dawson Family History
    Day Family Research
    Dew Family Tree, including surname Camp
    Dolman Family History
    Donnellan, McCarthy, Anderson, Atkinson families genealogy
    Doody Genealogy
    Doyle Family Tree
    Drechsler Family
  5. Eckermann Family Tree
    The Edmonds Family Forest, including surname Tramountanas
    Kerry Edwards Genealogy, including surnames Baldwin, Hardacre, Kruse, Miller, Rawlings, Stuckey, Usher
    Elliott Family
    Elson Family, including surname Provis
    Everett Family
  6. Daniel Ferguson - Scotland to SA The Ferguson Family of Craigieburn
    Tony Finnis Genealogy, including surnames Davis, Ferrier, Finniss and Speed
    Fisher and Ellis Families including surnames Howlett, Hogben, Maidment, Ellis
    Ian Fisk Genealogy, including surnames Dix and Wilkinson
    Fogden Family, including surname Slater
    Folletts of Australia & NZ
    Frazer Family, including surname Hawthorne
    Furby Family History
  7. Gilding History
    Charles Gillett Family
    Grosser Family
  8. Hale Families in South Australia
    Daniel Hall
    Hall and Gaskell families
    Hamilton Family Tree
    Hancock Family
    Hattam Family Name
    The Heneker Family
    Henschke Family History
    Higgins Genealogy, including surname Shell
    Hill family of South Australia and beyond
    Kay Hinnrichsen Family, including surnames Besanko / Bosanko, Jolly, Tonkin and Wilson
    Hodge Family History Research
    Genealogy of Hollister family
    Horgan Families
    Hourigan Family
    Bob Howlett's ancestor tree, including surnames James, Harvey, Stodart, Middleton
    Hughes Family Tree
    David H Hunter Ancestors, including surnames Lange, Niemz, Roehr and Smith
  9. Jacobs Family Tree, including surname van Tiggelen
    Melanie Jamson Family Tree, including surnames Bain, Brown, Elsholz, Geue, McLaren, Schulz, Snellgrove, Stanley
    John Janmaat Genealogy, including surname Thiele
    Elizabeth Janson Family, including surname Dignum
    Jaunay Journal
    Jordan Family Tree
  10. Kearvell Family
    Kennedy - Sheehan Families
    Keynes Family History
    Descendants of Richard Kimber
    Kluske Family
    Kylie's Genes including surnames Buring, Scadden, Wigley and Willison
  11. Family and ancestors of Geoffrey James Minchin Lambert
    Lamont Family Genealogy
    Lang Family
    Leadbeater family history introduction including surnames Baron, Gorey and Montgomery Graeme Legg Ancestors, including surnames Penno and Schraep / Schrap
    Levett Family History
    Lloyd Genealogy
    Long Family Tree in Australia
    Our Loveday Family Tree
    Lovelock Family History
  12. MacKinnon Clan Genealogy, including surname McKinnon
    Clan MacLeod Society of Australia (South Australia), including surname McLeod
    Madden Family History
    Tony Martin-Jones family history
    Kevin and Helen Maywald Genealogy, including surname Alchin
    Our McEvoy Family
    Greg McNamara Family History in Australia
    McNamara Family Tree
    Meadows Family including surnames Galvin & Wall
    Al Mewett Family History
    Graeme Moad Family, including surnames Henschke and Lehmann
    Mortlock Family Tree
    The Australian Mumme Family, including Bahtmann and Kunstein
    My Pioneer Ancestors, including surnames Birks, Bowen, Burford, Dahlenberg, Merrett, Smith, Thomas, Whitehead, Whitridge
  13. Nash Family Tree
    Neil Newman and Dianne Patricia Hansberry Family History
    Trent Niemann Family including Fitzgerald, Hopkins, Kerin, Langmead, McDonald, Nolan
    Nobes Family Tree including surnames Harriman/Herraman and Dearman
    Noel in Australia
    Norton, Robeson, Wakelin, Keech, Koster Families
  14. O'Loghlen Family Tree, including surname Cahill
    O'Loughlin of South Australia
    Our South Australian Pioneer Families, including surnames Bailey, Harvey, Mott
  15. Pavlich Family in Australia
    Andrew G Peake
    Descendants of James Pederick
    Pioneers Association of SA posters, including surnames
    • Abbott, Anderson, Austin, Ayles, Baird, Bewes, Bliss, Brinkworth, Buchanan, Burford, Cavenett, Chittleborough, Christie, Cock, Cole, Collie, Cox, Craigie, Crosby, Davy, Day, Denford, Downer, Duke...
    Pluckhahn Family Tree
    Clive & Wendy Polkinghorne Family
    Christopher Pollard Family
    Powell Genealogy
  16. Rayment Family History, including surname Smith
    Family of Ian Redpath & Maxine Pitt
    Reeves Family, including Besanko, McKell and Westley
    Reids of Gawler
    Retz Family Genealogy
    Rice Family History
    Riches Family in South Australia
    Robert Ritter Family
    Jillian Robertson Family Tree including surname Reed
    The Roneberg / Raneberg Family including Bierwierth, Coudrey, Knorr, Knowles, Meers
    History of the Ruwoldt family in Australia
  17. Schipp, including Broun, Fleay, Gregory, Hillman, Lilburne, Perkins, Steer, Wansbrough, Wylie
    Schubert / Andersen Family
    Blog: Seeking Susan...
    Shep's Place [Shepherd family]
    Robert and Miriam Smith Ancestors, including Carvosso, Cheek, Payne, Weeks
    Some South Australian Families, including Childs, Payne
    Spendlove Family Tree
    Helen Stagg Family History
    Steer, Bottrill, Deed & Cornford Families
    Robert Roland Stevenson
    Stewart Family, including surnames Best, Jennings, Morgan and Wilson
    Gen-Tree by Julie Stokes
    Stott Family
    Strudwicke one name study
    Sturt Genealogy and Family Tree
    Sweeney & Baldwin families, including Allengame, Brown and Reed
    John Symonds, including Caust, Lloyd, Simons / Symons and Verran
  18. Tall Trees Family History, including Baker, Cornell, Harris, Opie, Pengilly and Stephens
    Tanner Family, including Etheridge, Gill, Kennedy, Picroft and Short
    Teague History
    Thompson Family History Group
    Charles Thorpe Family Tree
    Bruce Topperwien Genealogy
    Tschirpig Family in South Australia
    Margaret Grogan Turner Family History, including surnames Fisher and Mellor
    The Turner Mob
    Tyzack Family
  19. Unverhau in Australia
    Christine Uphill Family
  20. Helen Wakefield Genealogy, including surnames Biles, Dunn, Hill, Rehn
    Wall Families in Australia
    Warneke Identities Australia
    Wasley South Australia
    Watkins Family History
    Friedrich August Weidenbach Family
    Westley Family, including surnames Besanko and McKell
    Paul Alexander Whitrow Family History
    Wildman South Australian Branch
    Williams Family History
    Descendants of Perry Wood
    Woodcock & Daniells Family Trees
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